Programme 2017

January  19th   Mr Roy Haynes       Bluebell Pond                                                      

February 16th    Bunty Munday   North Walsham in Bloom                                                       

 March 16th     Spring Show           Entries from 7pm,  Meeting Starts 7.30pm

 April  20th    Dr I Bedford    Butterflies

 May 18th   Plant Sale, with Mrs C Waldron 

Questions for the Judge, How to Exhibit  Please bring questions with you   

June 15th    Charlene & Leon  Cut Flower Growing

  July 20th Mr K Harper   Victorian Fuschias

   August  17th  Table Top Show

   Entries from 7pm,  Meeting Starts 7.30pm

   September 21st  A.G.M followed by

          Dr T Leech  Sex on a Stalk

     October 19th   Mr H Norton    Delphiniums

     November 16th   Mr R Hobbs    Winter Gardens