Photo Gallery

Here are some photos of gardens we have visited. 

Elgoods Brewery and Gardens 13th June 2013

Elgood Gardens 1                          The wedding cake tree                      Elgoods of Wisbech Brewery and Gardens

The Lake was beautiful and the tree which is commonly know as The Wedding Cake Tree, was in full bloom, and the Laburnum Arch was a picture.   [click on each for a better view]

This next set of photos are of a private garden in Norwich, which we had the privileged to go and visit last year.

P1020216-2              P1020198-3          P1020218-1

P1020192-1            P1020190       P1020205-1

How Hill Ludham Norfolk 5th September 2013

How Hill 1_edited-1           how hill 2       how hill 5

How hill 8         how hill 3         how hill 4

how hill 6                  How Hill 7


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