Annual Table top Show 2015.

In July we held our annual table top show, here is a list and photos of all the winners, congratulations to them all and to all the entries.

List of Cups and Awards for 2015

Best Rose            The Rose Bowl                     Joan Davis

Best Sweet Pea   Ellen Grover Tankard      Marion Lane

Best Dahlia         Challenge Cup for Dahlias  Gill Wright

Pot Plant             Chrysanthemum Cup           Dennis Bunn

Best Fuchsia        R G Cubbitt Cup                   Marion Lane

Best Geranium    LeGrice Memorial Tray    Dennis Bunn

Best Cacti              Challenge Cup                      Joan Davis

Miniature Garden   Percol Shield                   Joan Davis

Flower Arrangement   E M Nobbs Cup         Sue Wilkins

Best Fruit in Show      Hogg Memorial Medal    Sue Wilkins

Best Domestic              Domestic Cup                  Sue Wilkins

Best Vegetable             R J T Trophy                     Gill Wright

Overall Best in Show      S Bowen Challenge Cup   Gill Wright

Cups and Trophy's to be won

Cups and Trophy’s to be won

Joan Davis, winner of Rose Bowl, Challenge Cup, and Percol Shield

Joan Davis, winner of Rose Bowl, Challenge Cup, and Percol Shield

Dennis Bunn,Best Pot. Best Geranium.

Dennis Bunn,Best Pot Plant. Best Geranium.

Marion Lane Sweet Peas_edited-1

Marion Lane, winner of Best Sweet Peas and Best Fuchsia

Sue Wilkins 2015

Sue Wilkins, winner of Best Flower Arrangement, Best Fruit in Show, Best Domestic.


Gill Wright, Best Dahlia, Best Vegetable, and Overall Best in Show.


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