Summer Show 2018

A very good show we had this year, here is a list and photos of the winners

List of cups and awards for the shows – 2018


Best Rose                 Classes 1 – 6            The Rose Bowl               Sue Wilkins

 Best Sweet pea         Classes 7 – 8       Ellen Grover Tankard           G Wright

 Best Dahlia                Classes 14 – 16      Challenge Cup for Dahlias  G Wright

 Best Pot Plant           Classes 17 – 18              Chrysanthemum Cup      D Bunn

 Best Fuschia                Classes 19 – 23              R G Cubbitt Cup               D Bunn

 Best Geranium        Classes 24 – 25         LeGrice Memorial Tray           V Cook

 Best Cacti            Classes 26 – 27              Challenge Cup         M Moorhouse

 Best Miniature Garden            Class 28                           Percol Shield        _____                            

 Best Flower Arrangement      Class 29 – 31      E M Nobbs Cup          S Wilkins

 Best Fruit in Show         Class 32         Hogg Memorial Medal           S Wilkins

 Best Vegetable                 Classes 35 – 48          RJT Trophy                D Wright

 Overall Best in Show                  S Bowen Challenge Cup                 G Wright

 Best Pelargonium from plug                                   H Kittle


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